Breaking Contest News! Win a 5-Book Maritime Poets Prize Pack

Our friends over at Open Book are hosting a fabulous contest featuring your chance to win five poetry books from the Porcupine’s Quill.

These books are all part of the Essential Poets series, but you might not know that they all feature writers from the Maritimes that we here at PQL feel deserve more recognition.

Plus, we’ve included a hot-off-the-press, just-released book for your reading pleasure: The Essential Charles Bruce! This collection–the eighteenth in our Essential Poets series–resonates with the sights and sounds of the Maritimes and embraces rural settings, tactile imagery, structural simplicity and direct language.

Covers for Essential Poets volumes on Kenneth Leslie, Robert Gibbs, Travis Lane, Dorothy Roberts and Charles Bruce

Head over to to enter to win whopping prize pack. You could win a copy of each of these wonderful books:

What are you waiting for? Enter today!

Many thanks to Open Book for hosting this giveaway for us. While you’re there to enter this fantastic contest, be sure to check out all the great interviews, events and articles available on the site.

Happy reading,Steph

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