You Can Take a Tour of the Porcupine’s Quill … Wherever You Are. Yes, You. (And You. And You, Too!)

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, or if you’ve followed our blog for a while, or if you’ve been a loyal customer for years, well, chances are you’ve imagined, at some point or other, just what it looks like at this mythical press known as the Porcupine’s Quill. Some of you who live locally might have made the pilgrimage to the shop for a visit with our intrepid proprietors. Others might have wished for an occasion to go, but having no invitation in hand, have lapsed into wistful wondering. Still others, are daunted by distance or otherwise unable to conduct themselves to that part of Wellington County untouched by public transit, can only imagine the pleasures of the PQL shop.

Well, no longer.

Now, one and all are invited to tour our beloved print shop.

The first (and more old-school method) to tour the shop is to come visit us at the Porcupine’s Quill next Saturday, June 8, 2019, when we will be participating in Doors Open Erin. One and all may stop by to take a look at a real, functioning (and usually fastidiously clean) Heidelberg KORD and an operational Smyth sewing machine. You can quite literally see where the magic happens, meet the team, and shop for some souvenirs (*cough*books*cough) while you’re at it. In an age in which in-house printing is so rare, you’ll not find another publishing tour quite like it.

Doors Open Erin flyer

Of course, we realize that not everyone is within a short drive of Erin, Ontario, so for those of you who live too far afield to make the journey, we will now unveil a new way for you to tour the shop … virtually! You can now browse an enhanced Google Maps listing which takes you behind the charming storefront at 68 Main Street and right into the shop. Browse the first floor and you’ll see the binding equipment as well as the unassuming spots where much of the administrative work gets done. Head downstairs for a glorious look at the printing, folding and cutting machines. You can even head out the big doors on the lower level for a view of the charming garden and yard, with a lovely view of the millpond.

PQL Google Maps Tour


PortraitSo, without further ado—we want to welcome you all to come stop by the Porcupine’s Quill. We’re so excited for your visit!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,Steph

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