PQL Holiday Giveaway #2: The Thing about Major Street

The PQL Holiday Giveaway Week 2

How does a publisher translate an author’s ideas into an attractive, meaningful package? And how does one accomplish this when the manuscript in question was written on the back of surplus bookmarks? If you’ve ever read a book and wondered at the story behind the story, we’ve got a giveaway for you!


The House on Major Street

Governor General’s Award-winning author Leon Rooke’s The House on Major Street is an internal and external picaresque tale featuring lovestruck (thanks to Tallis) Zan, bicycle-struck (and comatose, thanks to Zan) Tallis, and an array of idiosyncratic Toronto friends, family members and neighbours. Also present: a diverse cast of metafictional characters such as Chekhov’s Ryabovitch, an infamous lapdog and Rebecca Whitehall, the indignant fictional heroine of steamy romance novels. The House on Major Street is a story of friendship and family, passions (however misguided) and personas. It explores the blurred boundries between the stories we read, the stories we tell and the stories we live.

In DA 85 Tim Inkster details an array of adventures attached to the publication of The House on Major Street. Also included in the issue: a look at wood engraver George A. Walker’s reimagination of Lewis Carroll’s Hunting of the Snark through the prism of contemporary American politics; Cameron Anstee’s recollections of the marginal small press community active in Ottawa in the 1960s; and Daniel Marrone’s “core samples” from the world of experimental comics publishing in Toronto, focusing on the work of Coach House Books, Koyama Press and Vortex Comics.

To celebrate the festive season, we’ll be giving away one free print copy of each of these handsome volumes to one lucky Quill fan. Enter to win this two-book bundle!

For your chance to win:

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The winner will be contacted by email next week.



portraitGlad to see you back for this week’s holiday giveaway. Be sure to enter to win today, and check back soon for your next opportunity to win a bookish freebie!

Good luck,

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