PQL Holiday Giveaway # 3: New Year, New Releases

PQL Holiday Giveaway Week 3

The new year always brings a few bittersweet feelings, doesn’t it? But as we look back with fondness on our 2019 titles, we are very pleased, indeed, to have new books to celebrate in 2020! And thus, we give you our:


The Ballad of Samuel Hewitt

The Ballad of Samuel Hewitt is Nick Tooke’s lyrical debut novel, an adventure-filled tale that takes place during the hardscrabble years of the Great Depression.

Seventeen-year-old Samuel Hewitt, feeling abandoned and entirely without prospects, is spoiling for a fight. So he and his Shuswap friend Charleyboy cook up a harebrained scheme to steal a prize stallion and disappear into the unforgiving terrain of British Columbia’s Thompson River Valley.

Of course nothing goes to plan. The boys encounter ruthless criminals and boxcar bums, living off the land … until they fall in with the denizens of a once-majestic travelling circus. Samuel develops an unexpected kinship with the aging ringmaster, and he makes friends—and enemies—among the hardened crew and the unconventional performers. But violence and treachery are prevalent in the shadows of the big top, and Samuel finds himself on the run once more, on a coming-of-age journey of harsh realities and painful truths about the meaning of home and family.

As a last hurrah for 2019, we’ll be giving away five free digital copies of this fabulous debut. Enter below to be one of five lucky winners:

For your chance to win:

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The winner will be contacted by email next week.

PQL Holiday Giveaway Week 3: New Year, New Releases


portraitThanks for checking out our final PQL Holiday Giveaway. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you to win the prize.

Happy New Year,

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