Expand Your Literary Mind with This Free Chapbook!

If you’re feeling a little stuck in a right now, you’re not alone. But, with social distancing still in place and flighty weather patterns causing extreme temperature fluctuations, there’s no better time to improve your mind and expand your literary knowledge with a little bit of reading.

Can you relate? Then we’ve got a tempting little morsel for you in the form of a free chapbook in our eBook Store.

You might have noticed that we recently published George A. Walker’s latest book of wood engravings Mary Pickford, Queen of the Silent Film Era. It’s a truly beautiful collection of wood engravings that tells the story of the life of one of early cinema’s most influential female icons.

In celebration, we’re giving away ‘George A. Walker’s Xylographica’, an essay by Tom Smart from the Devil’s Artisan #68 (Spring / Summer 2011) that examines the ‘different kind of literacy’ encouraged by Walker’s artistic practice. Indeed, those who have encountered Walker’s works before will know that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words–the black and white images in Walker’s books are a language all to themselves, and Smart’s chapbook will help unpack the lexicon, if you will.


We hope that you enjoy expanding your mind reading with this little freebie! Be sure to check out all the other chapbooks, broadsides and catalogues in the eStore while you’re there.

Cheers and keep well,


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