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It’s trite but true: a picture is worth a thousand words. In our emoticon-spouting, animated GIF meme-ing, Facebook-loving times, we communicate, more and more, through images. The Freebie Image Gallery features high-resolution images available through the Devil’s Artisan, our very own Journal of the Printing Arts. DA’s Dingbats Section offers an ever-expanding selection of free, high-resolution, downloadable dingbats, ornaments and fanciful initials for your printed and online projects.

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For months, we’ve all been obliged to hunker down at home, and for this porcupette, the enforced time spent in said humble abode has resulted in a little stir craziness, it must be said, but also a recognition of my good fortune to have a cozy space in which to weather storms both meteorological and viral. And I’m not the only one rediscovering the joys of the home–this summer has inspired a flurry of home improvement projects in the area, to the extent that it is increasingly difficult for would-be DIY-ers to find pressure-treated wood. (I’ve read that some have become so desperate as to follow lumber trucks on the highway to their destination, in order to immediately buy it at the receiving lumberyard.) Clearly in times of stress we like to pad our little nests with all the comforts we can afford.

To celebrate the home in all its forms–from the humble farm to the awe-inspiring castle–here are some freebie images that you can use in your digital and print design projects. Click on the images below to download the full-size versions.

They say that a person’s home is his or her castle, but some homes are more castle-y than others. Imagine the heating bill on this massive edifice–I shudder to think.
ivy-covered country manor
Perhaps the medieval castle isn’t your style. Maybe you prefer a manor nestled in the countryside? This charming home looks like something right out of a Jane Austen novel.
gothic Victorian home
Gothic enough for you? This home puts me in mind of a lovely (if haunted looking) house in the nearby town of Amherstburg. I can only image the inside is full of Victorian charm … and a cobweb or two!
chicken with farm buildings in background
Perhaps a more modest abode is more your style. This charming farm is simple, functional, and comes with an assortment of adorable fowl.
townhouses and shops
If the farm living isn’t the life for you, perhaps you’re more of a town person? These cozy-looking townhouses look like they also have mercantile opportunities on the ground floor.
dining table after dinner, with mice dining on leftovers
And finally, what can be more homey than this little scene. After a delicious family repast, the home’s secret occupants–the mice–come out to enjoy the table scraps.

And there you have it–a selection of (free!) homey images to use in your design projects. Don’t forget to browse our entire collection over at the Dingbats Section of the Devil’s Artisan. And as always, let us know what kind of creative uses you’ve found for these images.


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