Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt, and Other News for October at PQL

I’d like to deny that it’s officially fall. I’m avoiding looking at the tree out my front window—a birch of some kind, perhaps—which may or may not be starting to shed its dessert plate-sized leaves onto the lawn and into the gutters. I refuse to pull out a seasonally appropriate jacket, even though the nip in the air probably deserves something a bit warmer than a light athletic sweater. And there’s no way it’s growing dark by dinner time. I’m perfectly capable of preparing a meal without overhead lighting—and without burning myself. 

maple leaves and keys
To paraphrase Magritte, Ceci n’est pas un érable automnal. This is not an autumnal maple. It’s not. Or doth the porcupette protest too much?

I’d also like to deny that the Crazy Book Season That Was Foretold has arrived. People triple-booked with virtual launches? No way. I don’t believe a word. Reading lists expanding at an exponential rate? I’m not having a bit of it. Likewise, I categorically refuse to believe that Spring 2021 deadlines are approaching, and that the editorial projects that keep getting pushed back are coming up due very soon. And nuh uh, no way is it time to start thinking of next fall.

Clearly your porcupette is in a state of denial. Faced with an overwhelming number of projects and seemingly insurmountable deadlines, after a summer that simultaneously flew by and crawled along, it seems so tempting to curl up under a warm blanket—which is entirely unnecessary because it’s not cold yet, no siree, it’s not—and forget about the world.

But if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to get excited about the imminent release of two (yes two!) fall titles. I wouldn’t get to enjoy diving into new projects and discovering new talents and enjoying new stories. I guess I’ll just have to accept that fall is here to stay … at least until winter arrives….

What’s happening this month…


The Essential Derk Wynand

You’ve been so very patient as we’ve taken on the daunting task of playing catchup and putting out new books for you to enjoy. We’re now pleased to say that the Fall 2020 titles you’ve been waiting for—The Essential Derk Wynand, selected poetry pulled together by volume editor John Barton, and Affect, a thought-provoking and cerebral novel by Charlene Elsby—are imminent. Like, about to roll off the press in a matter of weeks. Like, a few steps away from you having copies in your hands. We’ll let you know when and where you can get these excellent new additions to the PQL list as soon as they’re available.

In the world.

October 9 is Curious Events Day. I’ve got to say, whoever chose the name was very clever, because I’m very curious about what happens on Curious Events Day.

October 19 is Evaluate Your Life Day, which I think is probably the last thing many of us want to be doing any more of after months and months of the pandemic-scape that is 2020.

And October 25 is International Artist Day! I love how broad and free the term “artist” is. Visual artist, musical artists, literary artists … they all count and they should all be celebrated!

From the porcupette’s corner.

As you can probably tell, your porcupette is feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Perhaps it’s poor time management on my part, or perhaps it’s last-minute schedule changes wreaking havoc or perhaps it’s just the stress of the last few months, but I’m finding it difficult to get a solid footing this last week or two.

spinning top
Let’s keep things spinning like a top, shall we?

I’m not one who enjoys being too often idle, and I know that in cases such as this, the only way out is through, but boy, does having so many spinning plates going make a girl look forward to the upcoming holiday weekend. If I manage to keep those plates spinning without breaking them all, well, I guess I really will have something to be thankful for!


We would like to take a moment to wish all of our Canadian friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving this weekend! It might not look like your usual celebration, but take a moment to give thanks for the good you’ve experienced this year—even if it’s just a good book.



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