PQL Holiday Giveaway Week #3: Celebrating Our Latest Essential Poet

There’s something magical about hearing a poet read his or her own words aloud. The stresses, the pauses, the intonation, are not just part of the recipe for a good performance. These auditory cues can be downright revelatory, suggesting new interpretations and connections between the words.

In this era of Covid, we’re prevented from enjoying in-person readings and launches, but we’re embracing the capacity of the internet to bring them to our screens. Many of us find ourselves with fully booked—or double-booked—live streaming calendars. A literature buff could attend three launches in a night if she wished! But since we also understand that some of us don’t Zoom, we’ve decided to create an “asynchronous” launch, which you can visit whenever it’s convenient for you, in celebration of the latest addition to our Essential Poets series, The Essential Derk Wynand, selected by John Barton.

The Essential Derk Wynand

The poems in The Essential Derk Wynand touch on aspects of daily life both public and private. Wynand is essentially a love poet dedicated to exploring all aspects of his theme: from initial attraction and sustained eroticism, the anxieties and constancies of gradually negotiated connection, the satisfying longueurs of fidelity, to the pleasures of the seemingly timeless domestic moment. A poet of sentiment rather than of sentimentality, he tests the mettle of his vocation in his nimble, unruffled handling of point of view and the poetic line. Whether Wynand sets his poetry in the snows of European folklore, the sunny climes of Portugal and Mexico or the rains of British Columbia, he adroitly maps the inscape of the human heart.

Watch the ten videos in the playlist below at your leisure, one at a time, or all at once—whatever works for you!

Now that you’ve gotten a taste for the beautiful poems in this volume, keep reading to find out how you can win a three-book bundle of Essential Poets volumes in print!

For your chance to win:

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The winner will be contacted by email next week.

PQL Holiday Giveaway Week 3: Celebrating Our Latest Essential Poet

We hope you enjoy the launch videos, and we wish you the best of luck in winning the book bundle!

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  1. Escaper says:

    Beautiful poems. I liked it very much.

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