Read the Book, Download the Keepsake: PQL Broadsides Available!

The National Poetry Month festivities continue, and poetry fans are happily enjoying the veritable cornucopia of poetry news, events, awards and releases happening this month. We hope you’ve found time to enjoy a few verses—or verse collections—this April.

If you’re still looking for that special poetry collection, we’d like to sweeten the pot a bit!

Broadsides of Ode to a Poem, Pompeii, Old Age Is a Tree With Decaying Bark and Not the Sweet Cicely of Gerardes Herball

We have available in our eStore about half a dozen broadsides, lovingly designed by the Porcupine’s Quill’s Tim Inkster. So you can read P.C. Vandall’s smart and sassy The Blue Moth of Morning, then download a printable broadside of “Ode to a Poem” as an attractive keepsake. Or you might delve into the Essential Poets series with The Essential Richard Outram, then download your free copy of “Late Love Poem” to gift to your significant other.

Each broadside features the text of a poem as well as a selection of beautiful illustrations and initials from the Devil’s Artisan’s Dingbats resource.

Browse the Broadsides category of the Porcupine’s Quill eStore and download your favourites today!


We hope you enjoy your free printable broadsides. They make excellent wall art and would look very handsome, indeed, hanging on the wall next to the bookcase holding your collection of PQL poetry books!



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