Short Story Month Feature: Urban Disturbances

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Everyday actions and encounters have consequences, relationships can spark—and burn out, and even the best laid plans for the future can crumble. 

Urban Disturbances by Bruce McDougall

Bruce McDougall’s latest short story collection, Urban Disturbances, explores how the unpredictability of life in the modern world can influence the trajectory of a varied spectrum of humanity. The characters, ranging from the pitiful to the brash to the deplorable, are at once true-to-life, entertaining and thought provoking, and their reactions to the challenges they face are realistic in their imperfection.

Readers who enjoy satire and finely polished prose will appreciate the way in which McDougall takes seemingly ordinary people, places and experiences and delivers extraordinary truths.

We’re rounding out our Short Story Month promotion with one final sale, this time on copies of the Urban Disturbances eBook.

Ebook Sale Alert

In celebration of Short Story Month, this week, we’re offering 50% off the eBook version of Bruce McDougall’s short story collection Urban Disturbances.

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If you prefer to read a physical copy, you can purchase a handsome print edition of this collection for $19.95.



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