Delicious Book Cover Eye Candy and Other News for September

September, despite its status as the ninth month of the year, always feels like a time of new beginnings to me. Perhaps it’s the shortening days or the nip in the air after a sweltering August. Perhaps it’s the back-to-school marketing and the unofficial end of summer marked by Labour Day. Or perhaps it’s the spate of new releases and the excitement of the fall book season as it gets in full swing.

Let’s be honest—it’s probably that.

At the Porcupine’s Quill, we’re also thinking ahead to the spring of next year, when we’ll be publishing a great lineup of new books for your reading pleasure. We’re pleased to present a cover reveal of this exciting crop of books:

Cover images of Rank Songbirds, The Razor's Edge, Out of the Dark and Took You So Long


Poetry: Rank Songbirds by Leon Rooke
Short Stories: The Razor’s Edge by Karl Jirgens
Wood Engravings: Out of the Dark by Wesley W. Bates
Short Stories: Took You So Long by C. I. Matthews

We encourage you to check out these great new titles on our website, where you can learn about the books and their authors.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve made a few improvements to our website while you’re there. Be sure to test our new and improved search function to help you find your best bookish match. Plus, we are pleased to have added a new option for you to order (or pre-order) PQL books through your favourite local indie bookseller. We’ve added an “Order from Local Indies” button, powered by Bookmanager. Simply type in your postal code to find local indies in your neck of the woods. You can then call the store, visit in person, browse the website, or put in a special order for your chosen PQL book.

A screenshot of the Shop Local site showing bookstores that can sell Toronto-area readers a copy of Midland.

What’s happening this month…


With Midland and The Artist and the Assassin now in print, we’re moving our attention towards Artful Flight and Let Go. Artful Flight is a smart collection of essays that delve into poetry and prose as well as visual art and music. I appreciate the academic, positive, and in places, somewhat feminist perspective in these essays—we need more women critics! Let Go is a wordless graphic novel in linocuts that feels eerily appropriate for our current moment in time. It follows a man who gets laid off from his advertising job who has to make his way home in a blizzard, carrying with him a box full of mementos and the weight of memories of the past. Both are well worth adding to your to-read list.


Join us for the virtual launch of Ross Breithaupt’s Midland!  Ross will be reading from his powerful debut novel, and there will be time for a short Q&A with the author.

For information on how to join, email Stephanie at

We’ll also be launching Mark Frutkin’s The Artist and the Assassin in early October, with the help of our friends at Perfect Books. Be sure to watch this space for updates on that virtual launch, too!

In the world.

September 8 is Ampersand Day, a day to celebrate the beauty and usefulness of everyone’s favourite typographic symbol. It’s a perfect time to try using the ampersand in creative ways!

September 10 is Swap Ideas Day. What a wonderful opportunity to brainstorm story ideas and figure out how to make characters more interesting, plots more airtight and sentences more exciting!

September 25 is National Comic Book Day, which means it’s time to break out your favourite visual narratives—or perhaps discover a new one.

From the porcupette’s corner.

thre people in press shop looking at papers

With our Spring 2022 covers revealed and our new titles set up, it’s time for this porcupette to move her attention toward the events publicizing the new fall releases. It will be great to hear from Ross Breithaupt on how he came up with the idea for Rory and his late brother Mike, and how he navigated the publication of his first book. And I’m excited to hear from Mark Frutkin on his research into the fascinating historical figure, the painter Caravaggio. It must have been quite a challenge to meld historical characters with fictional ones in this story of obsession and vengeance. We hope you’ll be able to tune into the virtual launches—and add these great books to your shelves!


Many thanks for checking in on what we’ve got cooking at the Porcupine’s Quill. We hope you’re enjoying our latest new releases, and are looking forward to more coming your way soon!


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