PQL Holiday Giveaway Week 3: Mark Huebner’s Let Go

As December wanes and we’re staring down the new year, winter is in full swing. The days are short and cold, and, at least down here in Ontario, we’ve had a few flurries in the air despite the green Christmas. Many of us remain bundled inside, the better to socially distance and avoid the latest wave of Covid-19. It’s a somewhat disappointing end to a year that began with hope, but we’re still persevering.

And perseverance is just what is on offer in Mark Huebner’s wordless graphic novel, Let Go. In it, a laid-off veteran of the advertising industry fills a box with his personal possessions, leaves his former office, and heads out into a blizzard towards the unknown. It is a story of memory, human nature and yes, perseverance, and it is a fantastic book that feels relevant and hopeful in the current moment in time.

We’re finishing off this year’s PQL Holiday Giveaway by putting up for grabs a print copy of this beautiful and thought-provoking work of art!

(P.S. If you want to hear more about Let Go, check out this interview with Mark on Raw Mike Richards.)

Mark Huebner's Let Go

How to enter:

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The winner will be contacted by email next week.

PQL Holiday Giveaway 2021 Week 2: Mark Huebner’s Let Go

We hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s PQL Holiday Giveaway, and all the lovely prizes on offer. Best of luck to all who enter!



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