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Storm Glass by Jane Urquhart  

‘In 1986, Jane Urquhart published her first novel, The Whirlpool, to almost universal critical acclaim. When it met with a negative response, it tended to offend or bemuse because of its imaginative content. In The Whirlpool, Urquhart treated reality with contempt. She was clearly a courageous stylist with a unique vision. Now, with Storm Glass, the courage of the stylist is confirmed and the uniqueness of the vision is expanded.

‘Though most of the stories here predate the writing of The Whirlpool, the reader is given the chance, once again, to explore the territory of dreams and memory so vividly established in that book. Clearly, this is a milieu in which Urquhart excels.

‘Other times and other places lend their colour to most of the stories in this collection. Windows and glass are also prominent. Some of the characters have no names and all of them are dreamers, though what they dream is hardly the stuff of which good sleep is made. Storm Glass is exhilarating precisely because the dreams of which it tells are so disturbing: disturbingly real and disturbingly familiar. Most readers will recognize the impulse here to wake up and escape the dream, but most will also recognize the tantalizing magic of dreams that keeps us going back for more.’


Jane Urquhart was born in Little Long Lac, Ontario and is the acclaimed author of Storm Glass, The Whirlpool (which won France’s prestigious Le prix du le meilleur livre etranger), Changing Heaven and Away, which won Ontario’s Trillium Book Award. She lives with her husband, artist Tony Urquhart, in Stratford, Ontario.

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FICTION / Short Stories

ISBN-13: 9780889841062

Publication Date: 1987-04-15

Dimensions: 8.75 in x 5.57 in

Pages: 128

Price: $8.95