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Fabulous Fictions and Peculiar Practices



Act I: Fabulous Fictions

Scene I: How God Talks in His Sleep

Scene II: Bank President’s Address to Minions on the Eve of the Release of the Annual Financial Report Showing Profits Heretofore Unseen in the World

Scene III: Cézanne’s Muse

Scene IV: The Ravening Beasts at Fairy Godfather House

Scene V: Ms Smith Is Hard Put to Explain to Her Husband How She Came to Spend the Night Unexpectedly in Philip's Nightgown

Scene VI: The Scroll of Civilization Survives the Restless Deep, Sights Through Rusted Periscope The Uninhabited Isle It May Call Home, and Navigates Into Shore on a Calm Sea

Scene VII: Son of Scroll

Scene VIII: Daughter of Son of Scroll

Act II: Peculiar Practices

Scene I: Snoop, Protégé of Snap

Scene II: I Spent This Day Toiling Over a Number of Scotswomen

Scene III: Those Lousy Pessimists Sometimes Make a Guy So Blue All He Wants to Do Is Run Amuck

Scene IV: Peculiar Practices in Alberta Possibly Related to the Oil Boom

Scene V: Narcissistic Eb and Unlucky Flo

Scene VI: Some Ideas About the Camping Experience Need Looking at Again

Scene VII: Critics Take on the Premier Showing of Tank's Documentary of the Closing Eye

Scene VIII: Sullenness in Machines in Advance of Outright Rage

Scene IX: Let Us Steel Ourselves for the Appalling Scene Certain to Develop Should We Ever Declare Our Love for McTaggert's Wife

Scene X: Comma Fucked



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